Rei Harakami



1 Unexpected Situations (Re-Arranged By RH) レイ ハラカミ 0:59
2 The Backstroke (Re-Arranged By RH) レイ ハラカミ 4:18
3 Vapor / Put Off_I Do It (Remixed By Wechsel Garland) レイ ハラカミ3:22
4 Red Curb (Remixed By Atom Heart) レイ ハラカミ 5:10
5 Led Curve Again レイ ハラカミ 6:03
6 Put Off and Other (Remixed By Matsuo Ohno Assisted By Yasuto Yura)
レイ ハラカミ 10:05
7 Again (Remixed By Okihide A.K.A "CX Audio IE") レイ ハラカミ 7:11
8 Cape (Re-Arranged By RH) レイ ハラカミ 5:02
9 Red Curb (Remixed By Indopepsychics) レイ ハラカミ 8:06
10 Lobe レイ ハラカミ 5:54